CND Perfect Color Powder | Natural Buff



Introducing a new look along with 6 New diverse shades of advanced sculpting powders in a wide spectrum to provide easy workability, superior moldability and gorgeous results. 

Perfect Color Sculpting Powder line: Medium Brown, Cool Mocha, Soft Warm Beige, Light Peachy Pink, Medium Cool Pink, and Natural Buff. Use the CND® Perfect Color Sculpting Powders with CND® Sculpting Liquids as part of the brand’s Liquid & Powder System to create dramatic and resilient nail enhancements—perfect for extreme shapes, incredible length and strength, and superior adhesion.

 Offering countless color blending options, CND® Perfect Color Powders, make custom-blending flawless nails a breeze. Plus, the full lineup received a modernized packaging renovation – the same beloved formula with a new look-and-feel!


  • Easy workability. Holds shape to build enhancements with one bead sculpting.
  • Illusion sculpting
  • Scratch resistant, high-shine finish.
  • Moldable, customizable sculpting powders in a variety of shades deliver gorgeous results.
  • Activates the cross-linking and polymerization of CND® Retention+® and CND® Odorless Sculpting Liquids.
  • CND® Perfect Color Powders can be mixed to create custom shades.
  • To create natural nail overlays and to sculpt on a CND® Future Form or a CND® Tip.
  • Highly pigmented sculpting powder with creamy, light workability
  • A faster set with full-bodied flow allows for efficient and easy workability
  • Activates the cross-linking and polymerization of CND™ RETENTION+™ and ODOR FREE Sculpting Liquids
  • Created with the latest polymer technology, these powders shrink less, which prevents center pocket lifting and service breakdown
  • Creates color-stable, strong, durable enhancements
  • Can be mixed or blended to create custom shades
  • Can be buffed for a scratch-resistant, high-shine finish or coated with Shellac or Vinylux color
  • Moldable formula: holds shape to build enhancements with one bead
  • Ability to create natural nail overlays and to sculpt over new CND Nail Tips and forms
  • Leaves a smooth finish that needs little refining/minimal filing 

3.7oz Size