Cuccio Brush-on-Builder | Color Bare Pink


The Brush-on-Builder Gel is formulated with Calcium. Easy brush-on formula. It applies with soak off gel polish but works like a hard gel. It has been formulated with a self-leveling lightweight formula. The brush on formula allows you to apply it easier and faster. Helps reinforce, build and extend the natural nail. Easily soaks off. Why CUCCIO Doesn't evaporate, thicken, harden or yellow - 100% polish-free. Features triple pigmentation & micro-shatter technology. Extended wear, lasts until removed. What We Do Only for professionals. Perform standard nail prep, before applying your chosen prep treatment. For adhesion, we recommend applying a primer. Then in a thin, even coat, apply your chosen base. Cure before applying one coat of your chosen color, and cure again. Apply another coat until desired opacity is achieved, ensuring you cure in-between coats. Once you have finished applying color, apply one coat of top. Wipe the sticky layer off all nails with a conditioning cleanser.