EGN Polished | No Cleanse Top Gloss

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Polished Top Coat

Polished No Cleanse Gel Gloss Top Coat creates a flawless metallic shine. Get the CHROME, MIRROR & HOLOGRAPHIC Look

  1. Prep & dehydrate as you would before applying High Shine base and top gel coat.
  2. Apply Simply Elegant Gel Polish & cure for 30 seconds repeat and cure.
  3. Apply POLISHED no cleanse gel gloss top coat and cure 30 seconds.
  4. Choose your Mirror or Holographic Pigment by Elegant Glass Nails.
  5. Using a pigment applicator pick up a small amount of pigment and burnish it into cured POLISHED gel gloss top coat. For best results use as LITTLE AS NECESSARY remember less is more!!
  6. Brush away excess pigment with a soft brush. Pay close attention to the cuticle area.
  7. Finish with Polished gel top coat. Cure for 60 seconds.