LE JimmyGel | Natural


Light Elegance is pleased to announce the release of four new JimmyGel colors. The new shipment of JimmyGel bottles have been printed as normal, indicating a volume of 15 ml. We regret to state that the new bottles can only safely hold 13.5 ml. The 10% reduction in volume will also have a reduced price of 10% to you. By purchasing the JimmyGel at a reduced price, you acknowledge that you understand that the actual volume of JimmyGel in the bottle is only 13.5 ml. The products affected are: Soft Pink JimmyGel, Ideal Pink JimmyGel, Boomer White JimmyGel and Natural JimmyGel. Thank you for understanding.



JimmyGel has changed salon services everywhere and with four new shades available, it truly is a game-changer for both nail pros and clients! JimmyGel is a soak-off building gel in a bottle that can perform services ranging from fast natural nail manicures to long, elegant extensions with ease.  

JimmyGel is formulated to soak-off for complete product removal, but it is unique in the fact that it can be used under either soak-off gel polish or hard gel products. Now clients that want 4+ week wear offered by hard gels and the ability to completely remove their enhancements without filing on the natural nail finally can have it all.